Kristine & Oyo Boy

Kristine & Oyo Boy

Posted by on Feb 2, 2011 in wedding day story

Kristine & Oyo Boy

At last, the same day edit made by brilliant videographers, Threelogy, are out! The SDE and OBB they made to encapsulate the different highlights for the wedding of Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto can be seen by clicking the link:


The videos are incredible and really showcase the aura of happiness surrounding this celebrity wedding. Normally it takes a lot of effort and power (will power from the people involved, that is!) to keep mum about something this big, but it was amazing how everything was kept secret until the moment the couple wanted to release the details.

More and more celebrities want a private affair for the personal events in their lives – choosing the right people, the moment and the details to release to the press. In a way, celebrity weddings highlight the relationship of trust between the two people getting married and all the people they choose to work with. In addition to the basic trust – that is, depending on the suppliers to come through and showcase their abilities for the wedding, another layer is trusting them to keep all matters confidential. Can you imagine how hard it is not to tell people that you are playing a part in one of the weddings that people would want so much to find out about? And can you imagine how hard it is to keep a secret that big among so many people?

With only the official photographers and videographers recording the intimate ceremony and reception, the family and friends, not to mention, Kristine and Oyo, were able to let loose, be themselves and just enjoy the reason they were all there together.

Now, with the release of the videos, we can finally witness what it was like to have been there firsthand :)