Wycoco-San Jose Wedding

Wycoco-San Jose Wedding

Posted by on Aug 24, 2009 in wedding day story

Wycoco-San Jose Wedding

It was a black and white wedding for Voltaire Wycoco and Nela San Jose.  Sure, there were a number of black and white theme weddings nowadays and the guests have become more receptive to this.  But for our bride last August 8, Nela San Jose, the theme doesn’t stop there by just mixing the two colors.  Instead, she was confident enough to even wear an almost “black” (silver gray) gown!!! It was a dream come true as per Dino Lara who took as usual the beautiful pictures. For me, the wedding is just a class on its own!  The female entourage on the other hand came in white cocktail dresses with a black band on their waists.  Of course, to complete the look, it should be red stilletos to match their outfits. Almost all their guests came in black, which actually magnified the elegance of the event.

A well-attended wedding good for about 180pax, the North Forbes clubhouse was decorated beautifully by Tini Jacaria, a good friend of the bride  The cake was from Polly’s Kitchen.  Yes, the famous chocolate cake that always run out of stock in Shell Magallanes.  It was superbly delicious.

We finished early from a wedding mass in St. Alphonsus de Ligouri Church (Magallanes Church) for the 3pm slot.  I just have to say that I love doing weddings on this church.  The people were so accommodating.  I hope they won’t change though.  Afterward, the guests were treated for some cocktails outside the clubhouse before we proceeded with formal dinner prepared by Culliere.

It was the shortest program we’ve ever had.  They just had the cake-cutting after the couple enters from their grand entrance.  Then dinner was served right away.  Gone are the games since the bestman just proposed a toast for the newlyweds and then there was just the on-site avp by 30-fps. A beautiful video indeed, which was shown just right before we end the program.  The groom, Voltaire, is such a good speaker. His speech was one of those memorable speeches I have heard from a groom. It was a well-thought speech.

An excerpt: “13 years is a long time especially if you were an OFW working for your family or if you were incarcerated but if you’re with the love of your life and you’re happy, it goes by really fast.”

They were the easiest couple as well.  I have never presented to a couple before that have signed the contract with me after just like 15minutes of talking!  I love them!  ;) They know very well what they wanted and how they wanted the wedding to be.  I am so happy to have been given such trust right away!

To Nela and Volts, your marriage would definitely flourish because you both care for each other and the relationship.  We had a number of weddings, countless actually…and yours would actually be one of those truly memorable!

(Looking forward to more features about your wedding in upcoming issues of bridal magazines!)