Adan-Hoyumpa Wedding (July 5, 2009)

Adan-Hoyumpa Wedding (July 5, 2009)

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Adan-Hoyumpa Wedding (July 5, 2009)

It was a different preparation for this wedding.  RJ, the groom was my bride!  Did you get it?  No, he’s not what you are thinking but he’s very manly enough for the bride, Chrish to fall in love with him.  He was just the one I often meet during meetings (minus Chrish).  Both are doctors actually and Chrish was always pretty busy with duty in The Medical City.  But this couple is indeed very nice.  Can I tell you that I am really thankful if I’m blessed with kind couples?  I actually do more than what is asked from us!  (wink!). 

During the preparation in the bridal suite in the Peninsula Manila, there was no hint of nervousness from Chrish.  She was well-reserved and composed.  But back to the room of RJ, you could feel the tension running in RJ’s veins!  lol!  But good thing the good friends from Threelogy and so as Mimi and Karl made it all possible for RJ to relax a bit. Well, not to mention that it was all good to be working really with good friends!

Needless to say, I heart again Veluz’s gown for our bride. Secretly, I am hoping my husband would marry me again so I can ask Veluz to make a wedding gown for me! hahaha, big time!  

Wedding mass happened in Santuario de San Jose.  I really like the new door of the church and the new red carpet!  Guests were treated to a sit-down menu from my favorite hotel, Peninsula Manila (disclaimer: this was where we had our own wedding reception as well!, need I say more?) For the reception, I have encouraged them to do a cheorographed first dance which everyone loved after their grand entrance.  

The reception was highlighted by the special suprise song number by the groom!  I didn’t know RJ could sing so well.  And bravo to him for actually composing the song himself!  That made Chrish a crying baby!

To RJ and Chrish…congratulations for a beautiful wedding!  It was all things you have wished for!  We are glad to be part of your special day!

More pictures from Mimi+Karl