Golekoh-Lao Wedding (August 24, 2008)

Golekoh-Lao Wedding (August 24, 2008)

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Golekoh-Lao Wedding (August 24, 2008)

This morning, I got this text from Alei…

“Hi Jody! Just want to say thanks again for everything. You’re the best, galing! We didn’t have to concern ourselves yesterday at all! I know it was not an easy task, you impress me, ang pretty mo na, ang smart at galing pa;-) Bow ako sayo. :-) Hugs…Alei”

You could see me smiling from ear to ear after receiving this text from my bride, yesterday, Alei.

It was a christian chinese wedding and I can’t help but comment to Weng and Alei how behaved their guests. I mean, we ended the reception program after 2 hours in 1Esplanade with all of their 300 guests still intact on their seats! Amazing huh, something that rarely happens for a chinese wedding.

I snagged some beautiful pictures from Jaime Tee. It’s been a while since I last work with his team and I must say, I was impressed with the shots. I also love the prenup pics they did in one of the resorts in Tanza, Cavite.

Alei looked stunning that day…

I so love this shot, seems like Alei walking down in the clouds of heaven…but its just from the hallway of Shangrila Hotel Makati…

And this is the equally dashing groom, Weng, who happened to be “the bride” during the preparations while Alei was away in Zurich. I have certain respect to a man like him. Wedding preparations isn’t easy at all but for someone who would do these for his bride, is something worth mentioning.

Jason Magbanua again did a great, great onsite-avp! It would pass as an entry to next year’s WEVA award! ┬áSee for yourself here.

To Weng and Alei, you deserve the very best in your wedding day, because you two are good and kind-hearted people. We wish you to have more of your best as you start your married life in Zurich!