Valdez-Almarines Wedding (August 2, 2008)

Valdez-Almarines Wedding (August 2, 2008)

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Valdez-Almarines Wedding (August 2, 2008)

Picture above taken by John Mateos Ong

It was a wedding that was prepared for more than a year, I think.  Initially, the couple wanted an 08-08-08 wedding but I guess all things correspond for the perfect date for them on August 2, 2008 instead.  Paolo, who was a very hands-on groom made things clear from the very beginning the essentials they wanted for the wedding.  You should have seen their wedding invitation, which was perfectly executed.  It was actually my first time to receive a DVD-invite.  It was a nice watch and made me familiarize with the faces behind their wedding entourage list.  

Santuario De San Antonio was full of all beautiful people, all dressed in formal attire. Hazel walked gracefully for her bridal march in the tune of “I couldn’t ask for more,” which were sang by two of her good friends.  Paolo shed some tears while waiting in the altar.  

The whole of Blue Leaf was booked. Cocktails were served in The Silk Pavilion and both Banyan and Jade Pavillions were used up for the entire wedding reception with about 400 guests. Henry Pascual did a masterful landscape on each table. Kaye Cunanan Catering offered sumptuous meal. Check out what John Mateos Ong captured in wonderful pictures and the master Jason Magbanua rolled his video cameras to get the best moments of the entire day.

Issa Litton, a good friend of Paolo did a great job in hosting the reception programme that evening. Hazel and Paolo rocked the house when they performed their first dance after their grand entrance.  I always have high regard to couples who do a choreographed dance for their wedding.  The friends didn’t need any pulling to join the series of battles for the bouquet and garter game since the price was a domestic round-trip ticket via PAL.  And this was no joke!  So all single people in the house, flocked the center stage to join the fun.  Behind Closed Doors was the band entertainer. And all the guests stayed up late to more drinks and dancing.

Challenges that day were eased with the help of my competent wedding coordinators.  My friends from PAWP namely Liza Lugue-Alviedo of Kasalan Coordination, Nenita Zagala of Celebrations and Peaches Go-Tiu were my greatest reinforcements that day.  Thanks to the girls!  That is actually how we help each other in the association.  I likewise had also been a reinforcement to some of their weddings.  

We ended the night late as there were overflowing drinks from the bar and numerous gifts to turnover.  But I was a witness as to how Hazel and Paolo were truly loved by their family and friends.

Check out this link for the day’s highlight featured in Jason Magbanua’s onsite AVP.