Reyes-Platon Wedding (March 8, 2008)

Reyes-Platon Wedding (March 8, 2008)

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Reyes-Platon Wedding (March 8, 2008)

Out –of-town wedding is not at all easy to organize.  It requires careful planning and proper coordination to all wedding suppliers, especially if mostly are coming all the way from Manila.  But Jenny and Rommel were set to have a beautiful wedding amidst the breeze of fresh air from the pine trees in Camp John Hay in Baguio City. This is our 2nd Baguio wedding and I must say that I would never get tired in coordinating a wedding there.  Baguio City is a perfect place for a destination wedding on a month of March. 

Who would say that only few people from Manila could even join Jenny and Rommel for the most important day in their lives?  I thought so.  But good friends, family and relatives, about 120 guests all traveled for almost 6 hours to get to Baguio and join them in their union.  Anticipation of the guests of the event were heightened because of a comprehensive wedding invitation kit, that details not only about the wedding ceremony and reception but as well as hotel accommodations for all guests, breakfasts and lunches available, open bar for the post wedding party invitation and even the whole map of Baguio City and including a detour on what their guests shouldn’t miss seeing and doing in the said city. 

The wedding ceremony took place in the beautiful gazebo within the garden of The Manor Hotel.  All eyes were laid on to Jenny as she walked down the pathway from her hotel room leading to the gazebo.  There was drama, an orchestration of movement, guests eventually shedding tears from their eyes.   As the couple spoke their words into their vows, more hearts were touched.  

The guests were then treated to enticing cocktails from Le Chef within the garden of The Manor Hotel after the wedding ceremony.  Then everyone was shuttled in Camp John Hay Clubhouse Veranda for an evening of great laughs, good food and wonderful entertainment in the reception.

It was a fun and lively programme.  Started off with the first dance of the newlyweds upon their grand entrance.  It was heartwarming to see them dance together gracefully for the first time as husband and wife while fountains were lit as their background.  Guests enjoyed a lot of drinking in the breezy and cold venue.  A number also participated in the games they prepared.  David Hanson captured all the beautiful memories and Jason Magbanua glided his video camera in capturing all the scenes to keep of that special day.  The night ended with a magnificent fireworks display in the veranda.   Most of the friends went on drinking that same night in The Manor Hotel for a post-wedding party hosted by the newlyweds. 

 What makes the wedding lovelier is because of the kind-hearted and beautiful couple like Jenny and Rommel.  All the wedding suppliers would never forget how warm they treated each and everyone of us.  For them, we are not just their wedding vendors.  We truly felt their full confidence with all their suppliers and how much they value all our work.  I for myself felt, that I was also a spectator of their wedding.  I watched it unfold before my eyes, so beautiful and uncompromising.  Everything falls in its perfect place that day.