Valdez-Limcaoco Wedding (August 31, 2007)

Valdez-Limcaoco Wedding (August 31, 2007)

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Valdez-Limcaoco Wedding (August 31, 2007)

I know, this is an overdue post…nevertheless, here it is…

It was our first time to had a wedding in the new chapel called Madre De Dios of Tagaytay Highlands. The sight was refreshing and the weather was perfect. Although, it drizzled a bit while the ceremony was being held, the wedding was still a glimpse of a fairytale.

Mishy, the bride was very beautiful and stunning in Joel Bautista’s creation. It takes one perfect body to be able to carry such wedding gown fabulously.

The groom, Peter, who is a pilot in PAL was of course very handsome in his well-fit suit. It didn’t really look that every part of him was so nervous while everyone was waiting for the ceremony to start.

It was a well-attended wedding on a friday. All pews in the church were literally filled-up.

Mishy was the first one to get married in the family. After hearing the speeches of her siblings in the reception, I learned that she has been a very kind “big sister.” Tears overflowed from the ceremony till the reception.

In the reception, there were challenges as half of the guests were covered in tent. There were several attempts in raining but thank goodness we really didn’t experience downpour.

Wind was blowing vigorously that it literally smashed the very big projector screen that was positioned on the side. It was divided into three!

But ofcourse the cool weather added to the ambience of having a Tagaytay wedding.

All photos courtesy of Dino Lara