Posted by on Aug 23, 2007 in all about events experts

Finally, my emails are back and so as the website is viewable again. It was down since Sunday and was just restored yesterday at 4pm.

Ok, my “reliable” hosting service failed to renew my domain name. My account executive resigned last month so I guess it was not properly turned-over. Their technical people can’t fix the problem since the time I called them last sunday. I checked my website yesterday and page comes out saying that the domain name has expired! I was furious. I called their technical again and that was the only time they realized that it could be the real problem.

Thank goodness they were able to restore it yesterday. But unfortunately, there could be lots of opportunities lost within it.

Ok, enough of my ranting…gotta move on!

Concerns and queries can again be directed to inquiry@events-experts.com or jody@events-experts.com

Website is clickable here.