Llamzon-Reyes Wedding (July 5, 2007)

Llamzon-Reyes Wedding (July 5, 2007)

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Llamzon-Reyes Wedding (July 5, 2007)

The photo on the side is courtesy of Johann Espiritu.

(Quoting what Bong of Threelogy have put in their blog, “The wedding of the two of the brightest young minds in our country today.”

Ginny and Louie are both lawyers. But as any bride and groom getting married, they are also very keen with what they want for their wedding. They pay attention to details. Our regular (read as: almost daily) email correspondences proved it as they are both based overseas (Louie in the US, while Ginny in Singapore).

They hired us for our Full Management Coordination Package. Literally, we had to arrange everything for them from start to finish. From scratch, when the only thing they have then was the wedding date of July 5. After doing occular visits to venues in Tagaytay with them (during their brief visit in Manila), the couple decided to hold their wedding in Caleruega Chapel and Splendido Taal Golf and Country Club.

The whole wedding preparation took about 7-8 months. It was a well-planned wedding.

I particularly love the bride’s venue preparation, The Boutique Bed and Breakfast. Although the rooms are quite small, the interiors are superb. They were joined by their foreign guests from Yale and Columbia Universities in the hotel who all stayed also the night before the wedding. My day started early as I was already in Tagaytay the night before. It was a sunny morning and I was pretty confident that the weather forecast I got from the internet wouldn’t fail me. But apparently, there were drizzles already as early as 10am and it rained throughout the ceremony. Ginny was just relaxed preparing, while Louie as more relaxed as he was, even went out for a facial that morning.

Pictures were captured by a good friend of the couple…the part-time lawyer, full-time photographer Johann Espiritu. The beautiful gown was made by Veluz Reyes. Noel Jimenez (make-up artist) made sure that Ginny was stunning during the day. All floral arrangements were executed by Tropical Blooms. String Quartet were provided by Bernie Pasamba.

A good friend of the couple, Ali Figueroa who was very creative and talented (actually sang the responsorial psalm beautifully) contributed greatly to the conceptualization of Ginny and Louie’s invitation, which were then printed by Printsonalities. The bench on the invitation was a unifying icon all throughout the designs of all their printed materials. This bench was also incorporated by Karla Magbanua of Claycakes as part of their cake topper.

A very useful bookmark was perfectly illustrated by Pepper Roxas of Studio Roxas and were given to each and every guest upon registration.

Two good friends of Ginny and Louie, also lawyers hosted the reception program. Atty. Michelle Juan and Atty. Louie Ogsimer was a good tandem. I actually told them their a pro for a wedding reception hosting. They approached the program with funny anecdotes regarding rivalry of UP Law School (where Ginny was from) and Ateneo Law School (where Louie was from). It was hilarious. Everyone can relate, as most of the guests were lawyers as well.

Some behind the scene situations:

1. It was drizzling already in the morning that made Splendido Taal Golf and Country Club’s Account Manager, Jonna Rodriguez decided to put up the tents outside.

2. The Montblanc pen for contract signing stained my hand when I opened it. (Kakahiya the palm of my left hand cause it was all black). Couldn’t go right away to the comfort room in Caleruega cause it was all the way down to the office area and we are about to start. Can’t use my left hand cause I might stain anything that I may hold.

3. It rained very hard during the ceremony, that Emma, my coordinator assigned in the reception was calling me to inform me that they did some rearrangements with the tables to ensure that it will all be enclosed in the tent and the restaurant area. Layout was actually not followed but we tried to stick to the zoning of groups.

4. Some guests didn’t really follow seating assignments based on groupings. There was one particular table. These guests occupied the table assigned to the Yale and Columbia friends (read: the foreigners were standing!). We resorted by approching Ginny’s mom to ask if these were her guests and requested her to assist us so we can politely request them to move to the respective tables assigned to them. Gladly, the guests obliged. What a relief!

5. The cannon popper during the grand entrance popped right infront of my face! I was astonished! The waiter was having a hard time operating it, actually, he was holding it incorrectly so I have to correct. Ang bibong ako…trying to show him, was shocked when it actually popped already. I asked the waiter after…”Buo pa ba ang mukha ko?” Glad it was all complete and no bruises for that matter!

The wedding was all beautiful. They are both loved by their family and friends with 250 guests attending the wedding on a thursday evening in Tagaytay.

Ginny and Louie’s wedding was really something to be remembered! Not to mention, that I have gained friends with these two great individuals!

To Ginny and Louie, you deserve the best and you’ve got the best during your wedding! Cheers to both of you…hope to catch you again in HongKong…I will take your standing offer when I visit HK again.