Behind the Weddings Scenes…(recently!)

Behind the Weddings Scenes…(recently!)

Posted by on Jul 23, 2007 in troubleshooting scenarios

So we have survived the three-day marathon. There were few behind the scenes along the way from that three-day events….

1. I rode a motorcycle! (read as: nakasakay ako sa likod ng security guard of caleruega chapel). Reason: To look for an alternate priest. We can’t contact the officiating priest whom we assume was on the way already. At 3:30pm, my bride was in panic. Have to look for measure to ease her worries and anxiety.

2. I owe Jason Magbanua an extension cord which I left in Caleruega Chapel. I ought to replace it!

3. Have to run (literally run) to Megamall to buy a bridal bouquet. (read as: bride just wasn’t so happy with her bridal bouquet). Good thing, one flower shop there has white ecuadorian roses to come out as a very beautiful bridal bouquet.

Weddings can’t be perfect but there are still reasons to make it a happy occasion. The three weddings ended up successfully. I cannot ask for more. Our couples were very happy and sincere in thanking us for a coordinating the most important day in their lives.