Trying To Break-In…

Trying To Break-In…

Posted by on Jun 15, 2007 in anything under the sun

After my last post of A silent April…Business has not been silent at all since then.

There could be two reasons of my non-posting on this blog. One is that there were no events to blog and the other one is that there were many events that had happened and I’m left with no time to write. I’m choosing the latter.

I’m just not talking about weddings as events but also my personal events in life…but that goes to the other side of my blog, which are not due for posting here.

Catching up is such a big word for me now. There are really a number of things to write about, beautiful weddings we have coordinated…details I would like to share. Hope I can get myself to blogging again. It’s a project I need to prioritize as a number of clients and non-clients alike are reading this blog.

Give me time please…need your patience!